My projects

Unique Pens

Here are some of the many pens I have make over the last year.

Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers made from both wood and resin.

Gnomes/Norwegian Gonks

These guys all have their own look, and personalities. I make them out of wood and some resin.

Crochet Hooks

The hooks in this set are high quality and I can make the handle to fit any taste in size and color.

Seam Rippers

I can do a single ripper with a handle similar to the crochet hooks or the double sided ones with two sizes of rippers. Again any color or shape you want.

Chain Pulls

Got a ceiling fan or light and want to have a fancy or custom pull, well I can make them out of any type of wood or any color resin you want.

Artisan Bottle Openers

These bottle openers are made from stainless steel and are heavy duty. The handles can be shaped many ways to make it easier for people with arthritis or other hand issues. The handles can also be made to be more stylish for display.


Here are some hanging ornaments out of wood and resin.